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Our company is the official service agent< of STREET, RWM, MISIA, AUTEC, REMDEVICE, AERO-LIFT equipment in Slovenia. We have trained teams to perform various servicing procedures on industrial cranes, hoists and lifting equipment. Our goal is to maintain quality and safety with regular service and thus reduce your costs in the long run

We offer everything from professional servicing to contractual maintenance of your lifting equipment. Yes, we also perform servicing on equipment from other manufacturers. Our service technicians have also passed professional exams, as quality and professional work is our guide in everything we do.

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Our service programme includes the following:

Our service programme includes the following:

Urgent repair of a crane or equipment that occurs during use of the equipment.

We are aware that large losses can be incurred due to production delays: we will correct the error as soon as possible. We try to keep our intervention teams and service technicians at as short a response time as possible. In some cases (depending on the distance of the customer), this time is less than one hour. Our spare parts warehouse is well stocked, so there is usually no need for additional ordering, which would extend the time.

Regular annual inspections or interval servicing on a contract basis (inspection intervals vary).

This service includes the inspection and, if necessary, the replacement of wearing parts on equipment such as: controllers, brake linings, cables, rope guides, wire ropes, and the like. When you have a contract with us, we pay special attention to you and grant you various benefits: priority treatment, lower inspection prices, cheaper spare parts and much more.

These are performed on the basis of more detailed inspections of the crane and equipment, and include the repair or refurbishment of the entire crane.

These are usually older cranes or cranes with high working intermittency (the machine is not in use for a long period of time). For these repairs, we suggest the installation of new electric motor drives, radio control of the crane, radio control, if necessary, replacement of electrical equipment or even replacement of the hoist or trolley. Old hoists are mostly very worn and spare parts are very expensive, so in certain cases it is cheaper to install new equipment. These repairs may also include painting the crane, replacing the busbar or similar interventions required on the crane for functionality or equipment refurbishments, and ensuring safety.

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