Jib crane

Jib cranes are a simple and affordable solution for lifting loads at a specific workplace, at the edge of a hall or elsewhere where the installation of a bridge crane is not possible.

Jib cranes are manufactured in a number of variants, from classic pillar-mounted or wall-mounted cranes with a fixed or folding jib to travelling jib cranes, which cover the entire length of the edge of the hall.

It is even possible to make a mobile jib crane, which the customer places in the desired position with the help of a forklift or other means and, if necessary, relocates.

At Insem – Atmos we produce them in various designs, from classic pillar-mounted jib cranes (placed on a dedicated foundation or directly to the appropriate pressure) to wall-mounted jib cranes (mounted on the hall pillar or on the appropriate concrete wall).

We adjust the lifting jib according to your needs. We can build a fixed, rotating or folding lever for more complex operations. The movements can be completely manual, combined manual-electric or fully electric for the least possible work effort.

Wall-mounted jib cranes

Pillar-mounted jib cranes

Travelling jib crane


Assemble a jib crane in just a few steps!

Let’s see what can convince you

Let’s see what can convince you

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