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Reliable and affordable solutions for lifting loads of up to 80t with standard equipment and of up to 200t with custom equipment.

How can your business shine with our versatile and unsurpassed lifting technique?

Each Insem – Atmossimplicity, robustness and reliability. We use easily accessible and affordable components from renowned global manufacturers.

Do you want to make the most of your workspaces, and lift and manipulate various loads, even the heaviest ones? We have the answers to your challenges…

Industrial cranes offer many solutions: be it a smaller jib crane, a monorail crane or a lightweight hanging crane to cover a specific job or part of a line. A crane can also be larger, for example, to solve your transport problem over the entire area of ​​the hall.

We offer standard or customised solutions for optimal use of space and time – for maximum efficiency of your work process.

In more than 30 years of operation

V več kot 30 letih delovanja smo

We have manufactured
more than



more than



more than


tons of iron

Transport and handling of loads in production halls

Lifting and carrying loads in the workplace

Transporting loads to another location on the same track

For easy handling of loads of up to 2000kg

When standard cranes are not enough

Installation and renovation of craneways

Maybe you're just missing a final touch?

Maybe you're just missing a final touch?

Complementing the industrial crane and hoist programme are individual components such as wirerope hoists and chain hoists, electrical power equipment and all the necessary spare parts for your hoisting equipment.

After purchasing, you are not out on a limb!

Insem – Atmos provides professional and well-organised servicing and maintenance. Our service team is ready to come to your aid as soon as possible.

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