Crane power supply systems

We are the only company in Slovenia to offer you affordable and reliable systems for powering cranes using By Carpel and Alstrom solutions.

Even a good, high-quality and reliable crane does not bring any benefits if you do not have a suitable power supply for it! In addition to being reliable, the advantage of By Carpel systems is that they are easy to install and maintain.

What about the supply of electricity to the crane or hoist and crane-mounted installation?

We offer a wide range of systems. We represent By Carpel, which manufactures affordable and reliable crane powering systems.

These include classic closed insulated busbars, galvanized or INOX festoon systems for crane power supply, hose systems for supply on curved monorail cranes, and equipment for classic supply systems on challenging conditions of I-formed profiles. In addition, we also offer larger busbars in aluminum, copper, or INOX, for use outdoors or in very difficult conditions.

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Our power supply programme for cranes includes

Our power supply programme for cranes includes

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