Why choose us

Our company specializes in the manufacture of industrial cranes and lifting equipment. From its inception until today, we have produced more than 2700 cranes of all kinds, from smaller bridge cranes, jib cranes to larger bridge cranes with classic trolleys with a load capacity of 100t and more.

Our cranes are always up to the most demanding tasks and environments. You will find them in steel plants, nuclear power plants, waste materials processing, hydropower plants, automated warehouses…

We have succeeded in many special projects, from the production of transport trolleys, special lifting hoists to special lifting mechanisms for handling various loads. We sell and assemble our products in Slovenia and elsewhere in the world: in Croatia, Poland, Germany, Austria as well as in Africa and Russia.

Our standard cranes are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from the English manufacturer Street Crane. Their crane equipment is much more robust compared to the competition, requires less maintenance, and boasts features such as side wheels, external brake, load drop prevention switch and much more.

The diverse range of products manufactured in our company has been upgraded for you with pre-sales and post-sales services: consulting, design, service and maintenance, as well as modernization or reconstruction of older cranes.

We offer excellent servicing!

Our teams of qualified installers and service agents of the mechanical and electrical profession take care of our customers. We control our market and make sure that your cranes, both old and new, are in the best condition

Customers trust us for more than 30 years and more and more new ones are coming – you have recognized our effort and quality, and this gives us momentum and joy at work. 

Our cranes are of high quality, our products are highly flexible – we are proud to pursue this goal.

Our cranes users work better, faster and most importantly, safer!

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