Company profile


Registration number: 1708252000

Tax ID number: SI30064597

Legal organisational form: limited liability company

Authorised representatives of the company:

  • Peter Komatović (CEO)
  • Stjepan Komatović (Procurator)
  • Bojan Pušnik (Procurator)

Ownership:  the company is in 100% private ownership

  • 50% share: Stjepan Komatović (owner and founder)
  • 50% share: Bojan Pušnik (owner and founder)

About the name

About the name Insem – Atmos

The first part of the name, the word INSEM, is a composite from INdustrial SErvice and Mounting, since at first the company focused solely on servicing and maintenance of cranes and processing equipment.

Upon establishment in 1990, the majority of employees originated from the old company Atmos Hoče, which had closed its doors a year earlier. Due to the recognisability of the Atmos company in the fields of crane construction and production of process equipment, the name has been retained until today. At first, the newly-founded company dealt mainly with the servicing of products built by Atmos. After Slovenia’s independence in 1991, the country started developing rapidly and the need for new cranes increased every year; therefore, soon after establishment, we started our own production of cranes.

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