Company history

History of the Insem – Atmos company

The roots of the Insem – Atmos company go back to the company Atmos Hoče, which was founded in the 1960s and, with more than 400 employees, was the biggest factory in Hoče. Its main activity was the construction of cranes, bridge cranes, and bituminous technology, while the company had its own foundry and treatment plant. In 1990, with the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the company ceased to operate. Prior to that, it employed numerous experts from the fields of engineering and electricity. Some of them later came to work at Insem – Atmos. In February 1990, the company Insem – Atmos was founded by Stjepan Komatović and Bojan Pušnik, previously employed by Atmos Hoče. 

Since its establishment, our company has continued to grow and has become the biggest producer of standard bridge cranes.

pisarna v garazi

In the first months of its existence, the company operated from a children's room.

In the first months of its existence, the company operated from a children's room.

In the first months, the company operated from the children’s room of Stjepan Komatović’s house.

At first, it had five employees.

Atmos Hoče company, although naturally on a much smaller scale (cranes service and sale of spare parts). 

After two months, operations moved to the garage at the same address, which was appropriately refurbished into offices. The same year, the company started using a computer system for accounting purposes. 

In 1991, a part of the land and offces of the old company was purchased from the bankruptcy manager. The following year, 400 m2 of production facilities and offices were built there. The production facility was equipped with a bridge crane with the load capacity of 5t.

In 1993, the number of employees increased to ten. We started producing new cranes and lifting equipment, according to the orders of individual clients. We made products from bituminous technology, automotive industry, restored construction cranes, and performed various other demanding tasks. The number of clients increased year after year. During this time, we were honoured with the Podravska gazela award by the Podravje Chamber of Commerce. 

In 2004, a new production hall and office space in the area of 1,000 m2 was built on land adjacent to the existing facilities. 

In 2005, production started there and the facilty was equipped with a new bridge crane with a load capacity of 10t the same year.

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Until today, we have produced more than 2,700 different cranes. Our products are sold and installed in Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Austria, some even in Africa and Russia. The company employs 40 people. 

Our products are installed and operate in the most demanding conditions, such as steel mills, nuclear plants, processing of waste materials, hydropower plants, automated warehouses, etc.
For more than 10 years, we have been the official retailer for the Street Cranes company, which lifts our cranes above the competition. 
Since 2007, we have been selling and installing chain hoists manufactured by the RWM company from Italy, which were soon firmly established in our market due to their exceptional robustness and simplicity of maintenance.

For more than 20 years, our equipment has been powered by the products of the company ByCarpel, which offers the most reliable busbars and cable traction on our market. 

In 30 years, our company has grown from a small office in a private house into a leading manufacturer of lifting equipment in Slovenia and across our borders.